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YouTube Music vs Spotify: Which One is Better?

By Alexander Morant

Updated on December 20, 2021

YouTube Music vs Spotify, this is hard to decide which one is better because YouTube has been positioned perfectly for streaming music. Whereas, Spotify is the most popular and is the longest-running music streaming service. There is undying competition between the two because both provide the same services and almost the same subscription plans. Spotify was on the throne of popular music streaming years ago, and it manages well to hook the listeners with podcasts and music.

It was years back when YouTube Music again gained its popularity, but it is still hard to compare it with Spotify. With time, YouTube has evolved to a greater extent as it contains a superior selection and some new fancy features. Considering these two, the free version of YouTube does not allow you to play music with your screen off. Listening to the music by keeping the screen on will engross your screen, and the battery can die soon. On the other hand, Spotify lets you listen and play music while keeping your screen off. In this article, we will be comparing YouTube Music vs Spotify to figure out the worth to money service.

youtube music vs spotify

Part 1. The Cons and Pros of Spotify and YouTube Music

1. The Pros and Cons of YouTube Music


  • It contains daily mixes.
  • Users can experience multiple services after getting premium subscriptions.
  • It contains more music than just the officially released albums.


  • Free users need to keep their screens on while listening or playing music.
  • Irregular errors while audio casting.

2. The Pros and Cons of Spotify


  • The audio quality is higher in Spotify.
  • Users can find unique daily mixes.
  • Wide-range of podcasts are available.


  • It does not support music video integration.
  • No daily mixes downloading facility.
  • It has a few benefits than a YouTube premium subscription.

Part 2. YouTube Music vs Spotify: Compare in Details

Next, we will compare Spotify and YouTube Music in different aspects, like music library, audio quality, stability, plans, and pricing to figure out the suitable one for you. Let’s dive in.

2.1 Stability, Audio Quality, and Music Library

When comparing the two streaming services, there are a lot of things that are better in both. YouTube Music has gained maturity but, it contains some UI bugs that create issues while using the app offline. At times, it often creates problems in browsing and managing the library.

Here’s a simple comparison of YouTube Music quality vs Spotify. The audio quality of YouTube is 256 kbps while in the case of Spotify it goes up to 320 kbps. It is with the help of Spotify’s premium Extreme. Well, YouTube audio is preferred as the best in quality whereas, exceptions are always there if you are an audio snob. However, the sound quality and clarity also depend on the broadband speed. If we go with numbers, then Spotify seems to win the throne here.

Now let’s compare the music library and selection of these two platforms. There is not a particular number for YouTube on how many songs it holds in its catalog. On the other hand, Spotify has nearly 70 million songs in it. It is a non-denying fact that YouTube has expansive criteria for selecting songs. On YouTube, you can find both live and official music concerts, videos, audio uploaded by different people, and fans, etc. The similarity is that they have provided lyrics for all the songs present in their catalog.

2.2 Spotify vs YouTube music: Pricing and Plans

There is not an immense difference in the pricing and subscription plan of both platforms. In the case of an individual subscription, you need to pay USD 9.99/month, this is the same for both. For Student plans, the subscription price is USD 4.99/month so as Spotify. All these are single-user subscriptions.

Spotify charges $14.99 for a Family plan which means six users can use it. In addition, there is a Duo plan at $12.99/month. The download limit of Spotify is 10,000 songs for every five devices.

In the case of YouTube Music, when you use the premium account, there is no need to get annoyed with ads as it removes and blocks them. YouTube premium’s Family plan to block ads costs $17.99 and $11.99 in case of a single user. Moreover, with a premium account, you can stream background/offline music.

2.3 Spotify vs YouTube music: Other Features

To differentiate or to compare the features of YouTube Music or Spotify, you must pay attention to other features. Both are cool because the filters in YouTube Music search are cool enough. Whereas when connecting the Spotify to a smart speaker at your home, it does not forget that it’s connected.

While using both applications, you get limited access to free plans. In both applications, you will get blasted with sudden ads. Whereas, these things get resolved when you buy premium versions. 

Final Words

Well! After all the comparisons, choosing between the two is a difficult nut that is hard to crack. So, analyze what you want and are looking for. You can pick any platform as per your need. If you love listening to different podcasts, then Spotify is a better choice than YouTube Music. However, if you love listening to random old, new, or medium songs, then no one can excel in it as YouTube does. So, don’t get confused and put your preferences first and make a choice accordingly.

It is an additional tip that can benefit users in several ways. You can convert and download Spotify playlists using AudBite Spotify Music Converter. The time taken by the application to convert the music depends on the number of tracks. Along with downloading the music to our local computer, it can convert Spotify playlist to YouTube. Then you can add Spotify to the YouTube playlist without much effort. Moreover, you can also add the Spotify playlists to other apps easily, like Splice and Serato DJ.

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