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2 Ways: How to Play Spotify on Peloton

By Alexander Morant

Updated on April 7, 2023

Being influenced directly by epidemics, flu, bad weather, and the like, you may be trapped in your home and can’t have the opportunity to exercise outsides. In the case of such special conditions, some indoor activities, like riding a Peloton bike, can be a good idea. Most people are used to listening to music while exercising to keep themselves more engaged and relaxed. Spotify, one of the mainstream music platforms, is undoubtedly the choice of most people. But the problem is how to play Spotify on Peloton. To satisfy your needs, several methods mentioned below will be helpful for you.

play spotify on peloton

Part 1: Can I Play Spotify on Peloton?

Of course, you can, but you need a third-party tool to achieve it. Peloton itself has different types of music. You can import some music already saved on Peloton to Spotify but you can’t add Spotify music to Peloton directly because all songs from Spotify are protected with OGG Vorbis format. You need to transform them to normal formats like MP3 first, then you can add Spotify music to Peloton and play it.

Part 2: How to Play Spotify on Peloton

As I mentioned above, it is impossible for you to add Spotify to Peloton directly and you have to resort to a third-party music converter, like AudBite Music Converter here. This is a multifunctional music converter for Spotify. With it, you can download all Spotify songs without limits, whether free or premium users.

Besides, multiple players and devices are supported once converted, which means it is possible for you to play Spotify on Peloton. Moreover, you can remove the encryption from Spotify music by setting the output formats, such as MP3, WAV, FLAC, M4A, M4B, and AAC. And MP3 format is the most common for people to set when playing Spotify on Peloton. Most importantly, you can select any category from artists, albums, playlists, podcasts, and audiobooks to convert Spotify music. The conversion speed is up to 5x, which will help you save more time.

Main Features of AudBite Spotify Music Converter

  • Download ad-free songs from Spotify without premium easily
  • Convert Spotify music to MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC, M4A, M4B
  • Save Spotify music up to 320kpbs and with ID3 tags retained
  • Support downloading Spotify music in batch at 5× faster speed

2.1 Download Spotify Music via AudBite Music Converter 

Step 1: Operate AudBite Music Converter

Run it, and select one category from Spotify. Drag it or copy links to the conversion area. All Spotify songs that you select will be shown in the center.

operate audbite  music converter

Step 2: Set the Preferences for Peloton

Open the Menu and the Preferences option. Click it and set the output format for Peloton so that you can download a single song or Spotify playlist to MP3. It is worth noting that Format is the most important, others can be set just according to your mood. Then click the OK button.

set the preferences for peloton

Step 3: Download Spotify Music for Peloton

Once click the Convert button, you will see an interface with the clear process of every song. After finishing the conversion, you can see the completed information such as the album cover, title, and year of all songs that are preserved in your computer.

download spotify music for peloton

2.2 Transfer Downloaded Spotify Music to Peloton

Since you have preserved all downloaded songs on your computer by following the above steps. Two methods below will tell you how to play Spotify on Peloton. Come on.

Method 1: Use Spotify on Peloton via Google Drive

Google Drive will provide 15 GB of free storage for you to preserve your downloaded Spotify music. Therefore, you can transfer these songs to Google Drive first, and connect them with Peloton. Then you can play Spotify on Peloton. Here’s how.

transfer downloaded spotify music file to google drive

1) Create a Google Drive account or log into it on your own computer.

2) Create a file or a folder for the downloaded Spotify music by clicking the “Create > Folder” button.

3) Click the Upload button and choose the Files option. Find the Converted file or folder of previously downloaded Spotify music and transfer it to Google Drive.

4) On Peloton, open the WebView Browser and visit Google Drive. Then you can play Spotify on Peloton via Google Drive.

Method 2: Add Spotify to Peloton via YouTube Music

YouTube Music is another medium that can help you to play Spotify on Peloton. Here are the details.

upload music to peloton via youtube music

1) Open YouTube Music’s official website and sign in to your account.

2) Click your profile in the top right corner and choose the Upload Music option.

3) Find the file that you put your downloaded Spotify music to on your computer and upload it.

4) Open WebView Browser on Peloton and visit the YouTube Music website.

5) Choose any Spotify song from YouTube Music that you want to listen to and play it on Peloton.

Part 3: How to Connect Spotify Music to Peloton

Considering that you like listening to Spotify music when exercising, it is necessary to create a playlist. When you are riding a Peloton bike, you can find and play with it handily. Here I will help you connect your Spotify music to Peloton. Below are the steps.

connect spotify music to peloton

1) Click your own profile on the Peloton bike.

2) Find the Music option on the left side. All songs that you have played before will be shown in this interface.

3) Click the Connect option to connect your Spotify account.

4) Head to your Spotify and Click Playlists after connecting your Spotify account. Find the My Peloton Music playlist.

5) Then you can play Spotify music on Peloton by manipulating your phone.

Part 4: Summary

You have learned how to play Spotify on Peloton after reading this post. Since you can’t transfer Spotify music to Peloton for some restrictions from Spotify, you can try using the AudBite Music Converter to remove them, then transfer and play Spotify on Peloton via Google Drive and YouTube Music respectively. You can, therefore, enjoy your Spotify songs as workout music on Peloton without hassle.

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