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All I Want for Christmas Is You Review and MP3 Download

By Pope, Cary

Updated on December 6, 2023

As the temperatures drops and twinkling lights hang, Christmas is just around the corner. There is nothing better than streaming the best holiday songs and enjoying the Christmas vibe with your families and friends. According to the newest data from Billboard, ‘All I Want for Christmas Is You’ reclaims the crown on Billboard Global 200 and Billboard Global Excl. U.S. top 10. It has been 29 years since the song was released. What makes it so popular? What are the fun stories behind it? How can you get All I Want for Christmas Is You MP3 download? If you are curious about these questions, just dive into this page. This post covers all the answers and provides you with the most comprehensive review of this popular holiday song. Scroll down and let’s explore it in detail together.

all i want for christmas is you

Part 1. Best Holiday Track: Mariah Carey All I Want for Christmas Is You

‘All I Want for Christmas Is You’ is a song by Mariah Carey from her album – Merry Christmas. This song was released as the lead song on the album in 1994. It is composed by Carey and Walter Afanasieff. When it was first released, it became a hit. Until now, it has sold 16 million copies around the world and has become one of the best-selling digital singles. In 2021, it became diamond certified by the Recording Industry Association of America. This year, the National Recording Registry even selected it to enter the Library of Congress.

What is impressive is not only its dominance in the music charts but also the spirit and zeitgeist it brings to listeners. Every year, when you hear the bells and whistles of this song, you can feel the excellent feelings associated with the holiday and you know the most wonderful time is coming. This song brings the message of hope and joy.

Part 2. Why Is All I Want for Christmas Is You So Popular?

Since its release in 1994, this song has been commercially successful for nearly 30 years and broke many records. It seems like this song has become the ultimate modern Christmas song in today’s society and there are no more competitors. NBC News analyzed this song’s popularity between 2005 and 2021, and it found out that the song has only become more popular and kept maintaining No.1 in December. Despite the generations, this song has a magic appeal for everyone. So, you may wonder why it is so popular. Here we find some potential reasons.

Break with tradition

At first, the co-writer Afanasieff did not expect this song will be so successful. Because it is not a conventional holiday track of the time. Its uptempo sound is rare in American Christmas songs. This aspect of its uniqueness may have contributed to its success.

Wonderful chorus

Slate reported this song in 2015. It said what makes this song so magical to put you in a holiday vibe is the wonderful harmony in it. This song contains at least 13 distinct chords. And some of them are described as “the most Christmassy chord of all”.

The film Love, Actually

Another reason why this song is so popular is that it is included in the film, Love, Actually. It is a ritual for many middle-class Americans to watch this film during holidays. Thus, this song will be continuously replayed.


Instead of putting modern pop music elements, Carey and Afanasieff use some elements of classic songs from the mid-20th Century. These elements are rarely heard in pop music for decades. They conjure a bygone era and make Christmas feel like Christmas.

Part 3. Stories Behind All I Want for Christmas Is You

The song originated from Carey’s personal desires. In her interviews and personal memoirs, she described the turmoil and difficulty in her life. She said that her families often quarreled, which results in her emotional anguish. Thus, she wants a place that is happy and safe. And Christmas is the symbol of that.

According to People, Carey expresses her love for the holiday: “I’m a very festive person and I love the holidays.  I’ve sung Christmas songs since I was a little girl.” And this is one of the aspects that excited her to record and release this song. Carey went into detail, “When it came to the album, we had to have a nice balance between standard Christian hymns and fun songs. It was definitely a priority for me to write at least a few new songs, but for most people, what they really want to hear are the standards at Christmas time.”

When talking about this song, Carey said: “ At a certain point when I was able to control what my holidays would look like and be like, I started to just put it together and be like, ‘This has to be perfect,’ so, with ‘All I Want for Christmas Is You,’ it’s the same type of thing. I just wrote it from a place of, ‘What would my little girl self write for this song?’” 

Compared with some traditional Christmas songs, Carey’s track is more adult. Instead of some children-centered icons, Carey takes love and romance as the main subject of this song. They are themes that everyone around the world can comprehend. Except for the original version, Carey puts out the extra-festive version that she recorded with Justin Bieber as a duet. If you want to know more about this song, let’s dive into the fun facts about it.

It breaks the Billboard and Guinness records

In 2022, All I Want For Christmas Is You remained at the top of the Billboard Hot 100 for 10 weeks. Mariah became the first woman ever to have three songs reign at number one for double-digit weeks. This song has also earned 3 spots in the Guinness records: the highest-charting holiday song on the Billboard Hot 100 by a solo artist, the most streamed track on Spotify in 24 hours (female), and the most weeks in the U.K. singles Top 10 chart for a Christmas song.

It was written quickly and recorded slowly

This song was co-written by Carey and her writing partner, Walter Afanasieff. It is reported that the song only took 15 minutes to write. But according to Carey, it’s a little bit longer than that. She said: “ I stayed in the house that I lived in at the time in Upstate New York lifetimes ago. Just writing down everything that I thought about.  All the things that reminded me of Christmas that made me feel festive that I wanted other people to feel.” 

Although it is written quickly, the recording process took a much longer time due to the background vocals and other chords. According to Afanasieff, although it sounds like there is a live orchestra playing the melody, they never record the song with a band. Afanasieff thinks that “it needed to be brighter, more fun, and more of what I thought a Christmas song should be on the radio, so I kept all of my synth/sequencer parts, computer parts.” 

Carey decorated the studio for the recording

The song was recorded in August. In order to make the song more Christmas and add more festive feeling, Carey decorated the studio. She not only turned down the temperature, but also put Christmas trees, candles, lights, and other decorations.

Carey’s favorite lyric in this song

In one interview, Carey said her favorite line in this song is “I won’t even wish for snow”. “I always wish for snow,” Carey said, “I always want it to be a special festive winter wonderland. And so when I was writing these things down, I made a list of all the stuff that I thought of since childhood.”

Part 4. All I Want for Christmas Is You Lyrics

I don’t want a lot for Christmas

There is just one thing I need

I don’t care about the presents

Underneath the Christmas tree

I just want you for my own

More than you could ever know

Make my wish come true

All I want for Christmas is you

I don’t want a lot for Christmas

There is just one thing I need (And I)

Don’t care about the presents

Underneath the Christmas tree

I don’t need to hang my stocking

There upon the fireplace (Ah)

Santa Claus won’t make me happy

With a toy on Christmas Day

I just want you for my own (Ooh)

More than you could ever know (Ooh)

Make my wish come true

All I want for Christmas is you

You, baby

Part 5. All I Want for Christmas Is You MP3 Download from Spotify

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